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Why Do I Love Quality Replica Omega Watches UK? Here’s Why!

Although I did touch on the topic of UK Omega super clone and its connection with my family, I thought I will freshen up a story that I wrote a few years ago.

Why Do I Love super clone Omega?
I am often being asked why I only buy and wear luxury fake Omega watches. Well, that’s not entirely the case of course. I also own watches from other brands like Oris, Rolex, Hamilton, Grand Seiko, Seiko, Chronoswiss, Breitling, Swatch, G-Shock, and a bunch of other perhaps lesser-known ones. And in the past, I’ve owned IWC, Sinn, Audemars Piguet, Linde Werdelin, and others as well. But truth be told, most of my watches are Omegas. To be honest, most people that ask me about it are colleague journalists and bloggers who feel I am too focused on one brand (or perhaps there’s another reason for them to ask ;-)). Readers of Fratello aren’t too concerned with it, though, given the fact we get so many emails and messages with questions about high quality copy Omega watches.

But I thought it would be a good moment to explain why I like Omega so much. Or actually, love it. I am not afraid to admit this, as I really do have a weak spot for this brand. I also feel that there is little harm in this, even being a journalist. A car magazine journalist is able to share his love for the Porsche 911, so why can’t I for a watch brand? It also doesn’t mean I don’t like other brands or prefer certain watches from other brands over certain fake Omega watches (which is the case).

It’s a family tradition
For this story, we need to go back. Way back. It is somewhere in the 1960s actually and in The Netherlands. It has nothing to do with the Moonwatch or the space program as such. It has to do with a bridal boutique. It’s the one below actually that was located in the east part of The Netherlands in a city called Enschede.
A bridal boutique
It was owned by my grandparents who lived nearby. The cheap copy Omega watches at the time were very popular in The Netherlands, perhaps it was even the number 1 brand in the 1950s and 1960s in this market. In 1967, my great-grandfather bought an super clone Omega Constellation.
It was the famous model with a pie-pan dial due to the shape of an up-side-down pie-pan. My great-grandfather lived in the house next door to my grandparents and father, which was relatively common at the time. It isn’t unthinkable that my grandparents weren’t influenced by the choice of my great-grandfather as in 1969 they bought a pair of Swiss movements fake Omega watches. They needed to sell the bridal boutique that is pictured above because of health reasons and bought a pair of nice watches for themselves.