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Possess Arrogance With Perfect Omega Speedmaster Super Clone Watches

The typical logo “Ω” of Super Clone Omega can easily remind people of the mathematical symbols, deeply interpreting the advanced technique and high-end accuracy of Omega watches. Symbolizing the spirit of exploring, the Omega Speedmaster can well present the achievement and perfectness.

With the experience in the space, the Super Clone Speedmaster watches witness the important moments of human history, thus the manufacture of the replica Omega Speedmaster watches are quite valuable. Duplicating the unique characteristics of the real Speedmaster watches, the fake watches online for UK are also available with limited editions.

For women, brave character can be enhanced by the Super Clone watches, and for men, charming masculinity is reflected with the imitation Omega with large size and solid materials.

Why Do I Love Quality Replica Omega Watches UK? Here’s Why!

Although I did touch on the topic of UK Omega super clone and its connection with my family, I thought I will freshen up a story that I wrote a few years ago.

Why Do I Love super clone Omega?
I am often being asked why I only buy and wear luxury fake Omega watches. Well, that’s not entirely the case of course. I also own watches from other brands like Oris, Rolex, Hamilton, Grand Seiko, Seiko, Chronoswiss, Breitling, Swatch, G-Shock, and a bunch of other perhaps lesser-known ones. And in the past, I’ve owned IWC, Sinn, Audemars Piguet, Linde Werdelin, and others as well. But truth be told, most of my watches are Omegas. To be honest, most people that ask me about it are colleague journalists and bloggers who feel I am too focused on one brand (or perhaps there’s another reason for them to ask ;-)). Readers of Fratello aren’t too concerned with it, though, given the fact we get so many emails and messages with questions about high quality copy Omega watches.

But I thought it would be a good moment to explain why I like Omega so much. Or actually, love it. I am not afraid to admit this, as I really do have a weak spot for this brand. I also feel that there is little harm in this, even being a journalist. A car magazine journalist is able to share his love for the Porsche 911, so why can’t I for a watch brand? It also doesn’t mean I don’t like other brands or prefer certain watches from other brands over certain fake Omega watches (which is the case).

It’s a family tradition
For this story, we need to go back. Way back. It is somewhere in the 1960s actually and in The Netherlands. It has nothing to do with the Moonwatch or the space program as such. It has to do with a bridal boutique. It’s the one below actually that was located in the east part of The Netherlands in a city called Enschede.
A bridal boutique
It was owned by my grandparents who lived nearby. The cheap copy Omega watches at the time were very popular in The Netherlands, perhaps it was even the number 1 brand in the 1950s and 1960s in this market. In 1967, my great-grandfather bought an super clone Omega Constellation.
It was the famous model with a pie-pan dial due to the shape of an up-side-down pie-pan. My great-grandfather lived in the house next door to my grandparents and father, which was relatively common at the time. It isn’t unthinkable that my grandparents weren’t influenced by the choice of my great-grandfather as in 1969 they bought a pair of Swiss movements fake Omega watches. They needed to sell the bridal boutique that is pictured above because of health reasons and bought a pair of nice watches for themselves.

Swiss Made Replica Fake Omega Speedmaster Watch UK Made From Sedna Gold

I was quietly a bit concerned when I heard that AAA swiss made Omega replica was releasing new gold variants. Would they make another Moonshine gold model and make mine less special? I needn’t have worried. Unsurprisingly, the brand chose its rich reddish Sedna gold as the medium instead of revisiting the Moonshine. As such, we have the Sedna gold super clone Speedmaster.

Black Dial Fake Omega Speedmaster Watch

Sedna gold, if you’re unfamiliar, comprises a blend of copper and palladium. This alloy helps ensure a tarnish-resistant hue for years to come. We’ve seen this metal before on Speedmaster models (such as the Co-Axial Automatic and FOIS), but this is the first time it has shown up on a fully gold Professional.

1:1 best fake Omega chose a brass dial with a black coating for the Sedna Speedmaster and wow does this super clone Omega watch look classy! I have no idea what other ideas were bandied about, but I am glad that tradition took over and the traditional dark dial is in place. Matching Sedna hands, applied indices, dial printing, and bezel script also help keep the theme on point.

Swiss Movement Fake Omega Speedmaster Watch

Thoughts on the Sedna gold Speedmaster

The high-quality replica Omega Speedmaster made from Sedna gold comes in at a sizzling €34,100 on bracelet here in the Fatherland. That’s a healthy €1,800 above my beloved Moonshine gold. We don’t know why, but perhaps higher gold prices have a hand in this or Sedna is trickier to work with. Regardless, if you’re looking in this pricing realm, you tend to accept or decline based upon whether you like such a fake watch UK.

Pricing aside, if I were choosing between the new gold models, the Sedna would be my choice. Yes, it’s a louder copy watch, but it just looks so good and, dare I say, juicy! The way the light reflects off of that new bracelet gives it an edge over something like white gold. Besides, I’m no braggart, but if I’m dropping midsize car money on a watch, I want to look down and see the result of my hard work.

What’s Changed For The Hesalite Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches UK?

AAA perfect fake Omega has offered Hesalite glass, aka Plexiglas, on the Speedy since it was released back in 1957. While sapphire has since become the de facto option for watches at all levels, continuing to offer the more historically accurate crystal is akin to being able to buy a modern car that has carburetor vs. fuel injection. It’s a charm play – and a welcome one.

The stepped dial and painted logo of the new Speedmaster Pro Hesalite (ref. 310. If you look closely you can also see the omega logo etched at the center of the glass.
The Dial

The new dial layout is similar to the outgoing 1861, but the new version gets a vintage-inspired stepped dial – see the “ridge” where the inner dial gives way to the minute track? That’s a stepped dial, and for Speedy nerds, it’s a knowing throwback to a vintage version of the dial. Additionally, we see a painted logo and a revised minute/seconds marker design to account for the frequency of the new caliber 3861.

Dot over 90, baby.
The Bezel

For all of the new 3861-based Speedmasters, the font on the bezel appears lighter, and there’s a dot over 90 (rather than next to it), which is a nod to pre-1970s Speedmasters.

The Case

In a move almost entirely unheard of in the super clone watch world, cheap Fake Omega UK has actually managed to make the new 3861 Hesalite Speedmaster thinner than its predecessor, with the new generation sitting at 13.58mm vs. the 1861’s 14.3mm. Pretty cool.

The wordy caseback of the new 3861-powered and Hesalite-equipped Speedmaster Pro.
The Caseback

The Super clone Omega globe has moved from the edge of the solid caseback to the backside of the two o’clock lug, and the four o’clock lug now lists the case material (stainless steel, Au750, etc). We also don’t see a serial number on the eight o’clock lug, though it’s possible that it’s been digitally removed for the retail images.

Hesalite Speedmaster Pros come fitted with a solid caseback, and the new 310. has a handful of changes visible on the backside of the fkae watch. Text has been updated with additional model information, “Co-Axial Master Chronometer Professional Moonwatch” and, while the 1861 version reads, “Flight-Qualified By NASA For All Manned Space Missions,” the 3861 reads “Flight-Qualified By NASA In 1965 For All Manned Space Missions,” yet another nod to the history that made the Speedmaster the Moonwatch.

The tapered (from 20mm to 15mm) new five-link steel bracelet and updated clasp design for the Speedmaster Pro (shown here with the polished elements seen on the sapphire versions).
The Bracelet

With the bracelet, we see what might be the most obvious change, as the design and finishing have been updated for all of this new generation. Gone are the 1861’s Bond-esque wide center link and pair of center polished elements. The new Hesalite 3861 model’s bracelet is fully brushed with a strong taper (from the 20mm lugs to 15mm at the clasp) and a new five-link screwed construction, plus a new folding clasp with an engraved logo, banded finish, and two-position micro-adjust. Finally, we also see an updated design that no longer uses tabs on the endlink to align it with the lug edge.

All told, the new updates (not to mention the Co-Axial movement) make this one handsome and well-equipped Moonwatch, super clone with the new and fully brushed bracelet treatment affording a vintage-effect look without any of the gimmicks often attributed to the wider trend of vintage-themed designs. Oh, and for those wondering, the Hesalite definitely retains its easter-egg Omega super clone watches logo etched into the center of the crystal.